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Dragoon's Characters

Post by Dragoon on Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:31 pm

So, this is gonna be pretty self explanatory. All my characters will be posted here. I suggest everyone make a thread for their characters to keep it organized, so if anyone wants to learn about any of your characters they can find them all in one place.

Name: Dillon Darknight
Name origin: Given by a close friend
Birthdate: Unknown
Place of Birth: House of Night
Race: God
Religion: None
Current Address: House of Night
Type: A large, well furnished mansion. The home of his mother, Nyx. He stays there most nights, but tends to wander the earth when not at the mansion.

Dillon lives with his mother Nyx and his step father, Jerome
The House of Night is his ideal living place.
The House of Night is in its own location, isolated from both humans and gods
The decor is both expensive and comfortable, while still neat and orderly
Dillon has one pet, a large black spirit wolf by the name of Shadow.
Shadow is well loved and well treated. He is like family to Dillon
Dillon sees himself as a vigilante. He enjoys the work, though he is not paid for it
Dillon went through the entire human school system, all the way through the collegiate level, and was taught by Nyx as well
He does not own a car. His wings allow him to fly

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 187 lbs
Body type: Slim
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: pale
Prominent Features: Left Arm and Wings are made of pure darkness
Health: Excellent
Conditions: Insanity, which shows on occasion
Clothes: Generally of average price, though he sometimes buys extensive suits for special occasions
Style: Generally casual, though his suits are the exception, along with his cloak and fighting outfit
He is usually well groomed, though not to an extreme level
Hair style: Slightly long, almost shoulder length
Texture: Thick
Natural color: Black

Speech: Average paced, no accent or dialect
Tone: cultured
Habitual phrases: Embrace the Darkness - only when going in for the kill
General Speech: Average, a little on the educated side. Vulgar in intense situations
Mannerisms: usually cool and confident, sometimes volatile
Posture: usually relaxed, but mood determines posture at times
Gestures: Doesn't gesture much

Morning Routine: Wakes up and cooks breakfast. Reads while eating. Meditates after breakfast, then exercises. Trains with and without weapons for an hour or two

Afternoon Routine: Usually fixes leftovers from dinner for lunch. Sometimes cooks or goes out to eat. Relaxes for a few hours. Sometimes swims, sometimes reads, sometimes watches tv

Nightly Routine: Eats dinner, which could be anything. Once night falls, he goes to the city, searching for criminals to deal with. After a few hours, he returns and takes a shower, then goes to bed

Bedtime: Dillon is usually an insomniac. His dreams come often, and their content ranges from frightening to pleasant, to sexual. He usually sleeps soundly

Skills: Dillon is particularly skilled with daggers and unarmed combat. He is proficient in his ability to control darkness. He is skilled at using scythes, though hardly uses them
He is particularly unskilled at using ranged weapons and shields, and has very little skill in socializing
Hobbies: Dillon enjoys sketching and reading. He also enjoys gaming on occasion, and flying

Dillon was born into the House of Night, but he was exiled by the other gods because they feared him. He spent most of his years wandering the earth, learning the ways of the humans. He learned to sneak and steal in the thieves guild, and excelled at hand to hand combat as he did not know of his unique abilities. After many years, he was captured by his true father, Erebus, and experimented on, which led to the death of Erebus. Because of these experiments, he discovered his abilities, but his left arm and wings were injured beyond repair. He replaced them with darkness, which allowed him to use them much like normal. His friend and pet Shadow named him Dillon Darknight for his heritage. His mother Nyx accepted him with open arms.

Mother: Nyx, Goddess of Night
Status: Living
Relationship: Happy

Father: Erebus, God of Darkness
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Horrible

Step parents: Jerome, the new Erebus
Status: Living
Relationship: Happy

Other Relationships:
Closest friend: Shadow
Friends: well liked by his friends, he is protective of them
Strangers: he is cautious of strangers, who are cautious with him
Family: very open and kind both ways
Opposite Sex: respectful of women and kind, perceived as a gentleman
Authorities: Respectful yet authoritative, he is perceived as rebellious
Those who Challenge him: he treats with disdain, though he is calculating in his actions. They often underestimate him and his abilities
Those who Anger him: He usually kills them
Those who Ask for Help: he usually tries to help them whenever he can
Best Quality: tries to avoid conflict when he can, favouring compromise and negotiation
Biggest flaw: Not very Sociable

Biggest Enemy: Angels for their constant hunting of him
He most often misjudges demons and other creatures

Mental Attitude:
Psychological issues: Insanity, schizophrenia (audio and sometimes visual)
Usually optimistic

Myers Briggs personality type: INTP
Most comfortable when alone
Most uncomfortable when in a crowd
Generally cautious in life
Values Family most
Willing to die for family and friends
Loves books and steaks
Generally compassionate

Prejudiced against Angels

Greatest Strength: not afraid of death
Greatest Flaw: Not good at socializing

Other good characteristics: kind, outgoing, protective, fearless, good fighter, charming
Flaws: fearless (yes, it is both a strength and a flaw), often too logical, let's his emotions control him

Least favorite attribute about self: Believes he will never find love

Thinks others perceive him as bloodthirsty

I'm Dillon. I have somewhat of a dark humor, so be prepared. I don't exactly socialize well, so sorry in advance. My goal is to eventually bring down the Angelic Order. They're a plague, if you ask me. Killing people who don't deserve it, torturing humans and godkin alike...

Anyways. I value my friends and family more than anything, so take care. If you hurt them, I WILL hunt you down.

Food: Steak
Book: Rangers Apprentice series
Season: Fall
Time: Night
Weapon: Dagger
Drink: soda
Alcoholic drink: bourbon
Possession: Necklace given to him by his mother
Tv Show: Assassination Classroom

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Re: Dragoon's Characters

Post by Dragoon on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:46 am

Name: January
Name Origin: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Race: Angel/Demon Hybrid
Religion: None
Current Address: Unknown

It is unknown where January lives, or with whom he lives. In fact, hardly anything is known about the hybrid.

Height: 6'
Weight: 143 lbs
Body Type: Unusually Slim
Eye Color: One Blue, One Red
Skin Tone: Pale
Prominent Features: His left eye is red. He has a horn and a black wing on his left side that he can hide. His right eye is blue, and he has a white wing he can hide on his right side
Health: Excellent
Conditions: Unknown, Presumed Insane
Clothing: Usually wears a black and red old style suit
Style: Gothic London style suit
He is usually Immaculate, even in battle
Hair style: slightly long, just past his ears
Texture: Fair
Natural Color: Bright White

His routine is unknown

Skills: Unknown. What is known is his grasp of his power. He is almost as powerful as a god, but does not seem to be able to control it fully. Tends to lose control when under emotional distress

Past: Unknown. Only thing known of his past is that he was not born a hybrid, which suggests experimentation

Parentage: Unknown

Closest Friends: Two unknown creatures in the form of one black and one white orb. Rarely seen

Interactions: Unknown, though most that challenge him seem to disappear

Greatest Enemy: Unknown

Psychological: Unknown. Seems to be friendly yet calculating. His motives are unknown.

Well, hello! I am January. I'll be seeing you...though I doubt you'll see me~

Favorites: Unknown

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